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Customer Service Management

ITAM is intended to ensure the successful deployment and ongoing maintenance of IT assets. ITAM encompasses both hardware and software asset management, but they are conceptually distinct. Hardware management is concerned with the administration of physical assets such as servers, laptops, PCs, mobile devices, printers, and so on. Software assets include things like software downloaded directly to a computer, software licences, and cloud services.

Elevate the service experience

CSM solutions enable you to effectively manage customer projects, such as customer and product onboarding, as well as more complex, longer-running projects with multiple tasks. Simultaneously, CSM enables organizations to scale customer operations, handling more issues, cases, and support tasks without requiring additional resources. To improve efficiency, CSM systems enable you to create workflows that route tasks directly to the middle office, back office, or field teams, bypassing the contact center when necessary.
ServiceNow provides robust customer service solutions for companies of all sizes. With digital workflows, you can improve service operations and engage customers. Resolve customer issues by bringing together the front, middle, and back offices. Address issues ahead of time and automate common requests. Scale to meet the growing needs of your customers. Above all, the customer experience is improved by connecting and optimizing teams with intelligent automation solutions.