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IT Service Management

Find out how your business can improve the speed, impact and delivery of IT services through IT Service Management.

Elevate the service experience

ITSM is a strategic approach to IT management that focuses on delivering value to customers. It clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of each individual and department in terms of IT services. ITSM is the link that connects IT professionals within an organization to end users who require IT services. Process workflow automation improves collaboration while eliminating many manual tasks. Many employee tasks are reduced and streamlined, providing them more time to strategize the solutions for the customers. Furthermore, it enables increased productivity,
The scope of ITSM has grown to incorporate business goals in addition to traditional IT objectives. As a result, IT service management boosts productivity all around. ITSM comprises of Incident management, Problem management, Change and release management, Service-level management, Request management, Configuration management, Continual improvement management, Workflow and talent management. With chatbots driven by machine learning and AI, ServiceNow IT Service Management accelerates digital transformation and improves the user experience.With organised machine learning that automates repetitive operations, productivity is also increased.